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  • Rose Tea Tree Cleanser - Rania Hasna Nature Elements
  • Rose Tea Tree Cleanser - Rania Hasna Nature Elements

Rose Tea Tree Cleanser

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The first step to a beautiful complexion has never been easier with our Rose Tea Tree Cleanser. Designed for care and cleanse, this formula gently removes environmental debris and light makeup while protecting delicate skin types with botanical oils used for centuries in luxurious bath routines. With an uplifting rose aroma, your skin will be left feeling soft, soothed, and beautiful.

Rose Tea Tree Cleanser is perfect for those with very sensitive skin who want to purify their complexion without stripping moisture or irritating delicate facial tissue.

Featured ingredients:

Rose - Useful for dry, mature, irritated skin; repairs broken capillaries and soothes inflammation,reduces redness and symptoms of eczema

Tea Tree - Effective anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, natural alternative for curing acne

Available in 50ml pump bottle.


Do not contain parabens, petroleum, silicones or perfume. Only naturally-derived ingredients used. For external use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always test on a small area of skin first and discontinue if any adverse condition occurs. Keep out reach of children.

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