"The wide range of products, simple packaging and quality and efficacy of most of Rania Hasna items are what that makes me come back for more for more. I stand by your facial oils, Rose Geranium and Awaken as both have tremendously improved my skin condition. Alhamdulilah! 

And Illuminate is fast becoming my new fave powder as it does not irritate but rather accentuate the best quality of my skin.

Of course, it's hard to go without Hello Gorgeous moisturising body oil too! 
 Keep producing excellent high quality skincare and bodycare items! Keep doing what you do! You are my inspiration for wellness living."
- Azlena 

"was at the facial yesterday and the beautician said my eyeliner and mascara is so difficult to remove. I told them about Flower Power and I never have a hard time taking them off! One wipe and gone! They have to try your products cos they are the best!"

- Nat (Flower Power Cleansing Oil)


"Babe, I forgot to tell you. I LOVE THE NEW PRIME & SUN FORMULA! The feel of it isn't as matt as before because it is SO MOISTURIZING! Love how moisturizing it is yet it doesn't feel oily at all. Super love the new formula!"

Daphanie (Prim & Sun) 


"I finally manage to try out your lip balm I bought on Dec since I was clearing & using all the spare back up I bought previously. && Oh my God! It was totally diff from those Nivea I tried. The moisturisation lasted for hrs & I don't have to reapply much! It's definitely worth the price too due to less application"

- Qila (Rose Coco Lip Balm)


"I tested the cleansing oil with mascara! Removing mascara has never been such a breeze!!!!! I didn't need to apply any strength or stretch my lids haha. Super awesome product babe! Please don't ever discontinue it ok!"

- Daphanie (Flower Power Facial Cleansing Oil)

"This is a great deal for the rose series products :) I love your products esp the rose series"

- Yihuang (Rose Series Face & Body Set)


"I've been using the oil treatment on my scalp and hair for almost two weeks now! Amazing product. My very dry scalp is less way less dry..and my hair has been a lot healthier! Love the herbal scent though surprisingly. And my hair has grown quite a bit (:"

- @atiqxzul (Growth Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil)


"Love your products, esp the face mist :)"

- Yihuang (Growth Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil, Damask Rose Facial Spritzer & Rose Geranium Hand Lotion) 


"Your healing balm is a miracle. Been wearing ear stick for the past 2 months. After applying your balm for coming to 3 weeks, I'm back to wearing the normal ear stud!"

-Daphanie (Healing Balm)


“This stuff is AMAZING! Goodbye dry scalp. Hello luscious hair! I’m a big fan of natural holistic products. Say no to chemicals.”

- Natasha (Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil)


"Babe, can eat your Awaken oil?!! I didn't notice that my face improved tremendously lei!! Until someone asked me why my face not oily one. I stunned for a moment cos mine is combo. Very dry at my cheek, Tzone so oily. Blot till at the end of the day usually the Tzone area no more BB cream. Keke! Now I barely even blot!!!"

- Belinda (Awaken Facial Oil)


"Hey Hey! Good news!! I just bumped into my old colleague and she said the healing balm she got from you for her son was super awesome! She went to the dermatologist and wasted money there but she tried the healing balm and it's so much better! I told her to try your skin care product cause it did miracle for me and she said yeah cause my face looks better compared to the last time she saw me (1 or 2 years ago)"

- Rachel (Healing Balm, Rose Geranium Facial Oil)


"When you suggested Healing Balm for eczema, I applied on the spots on my legs. Almost instantaneously, the itch stops. By the next day, the flaring redness has disappeared. Alhamdulilah!"

- Azlena (Healing Balm)


“I had a heat rash on both my lower arms and why not try the healing balm since its the only balm I have in my bag. I was scratching terribly. Unbearable itch. I was hoping the balm would ease it abit Not only did it relieved me of the irritation but the rashes slowly went away within a few hours after I went home and reapplying it again. It heals my skin! Thanks!"

- Faisal (Healing Balm)


"I love the oil, have used it even on my hair. Just feel the oil mixture is good for both face and hair especiallyon days I have super dry dry face n hair. The Rose spritzer is refreshing especially in the morning. But I use it at night too. The mixture isn't too light n mild so that is good."

- Delia (Awaken Facial Oil & Damask Rose Facial Spritzer)


"Babe, Matcha Cha is still my fav mask. I applied it to my right leg with the scars and it helps to calm my skin. Remember yesterday my face was peeling a little. After I reached home and showered, I applied the Matcha Cha on my face and also the sensitive portion on my leg.. it instantly calms the redness on my legs and also the peeling on my face flaked off and now slowing healing too"

- Eli (Matcha Cha Purifying Face Mask)


"The hair oil is great. No more itchy and flaky scalp."

- Nur (Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil)


“Your products have been awesome thus far. Especially love the awaken oil. Mad love."

- Fardyana (Awaken Facial Oil)


"Hey babe, tried the healing balm. Loving it. The scent plus the effects. It's really good for my dry hands. (Use it on) part of my leg, the part where it's reddish. It's slowly healing. Superb"

- May (Healing Balm)


"My Favourite body scrub and body oil so far! It's so natural it leaves my body super moisturised! Thank you @raniahasnanaturals for these"

- Nadiah M.Din (Mocha Luca Body Scrub Mask & Detox Body Oil)


"I've always wanted a natural ingredient type of product for my body scrub. I came across this from @raniahasnanaturals and fell madly in love with it! Coffee body scrub that leaves my skin super soft and moisturised after :) 

Ps: Heads up ladies, Coffee can also be a good ingredient to those who want to lessen their cellulite on the tummy or thighs or even your arms!"

- @nadiahmdin (Mocha Luca Body Scrub Mask)


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