Why You Should Use Facial Oil

Why You Should Use Facial Oil

Our face is the most exposed part of the body to the weather and our environment. The wind, humidity and temperatures will affect it, as it is not covered, like the rest of our body. So to avoid having a dry/oily, irritated and sensitive skin on the face, we need to offer it proper nutrition and hydration. If you are thinking about a moisturiser, think again, because it may not be the best option for you. Unfortunately, most moisturisers and facial creams available on the market are based on water. Even though you may think that it is water that you need to hydrate your skin, the truth that skin care products, based on water, are not that efficient. They do not manage to penetrate the skin’s layer and hydrate it as they should, evaporating very rapidly and leaving the skin unprotected.


If you want to get the best hydration and keep the skin safe from the wicked weather, you need a product based on oils. These products are the only ones that will indeed hydrate your skin, by keeping the water inside. And if these facial oils contain high-quality ingredients then you will also gain a healthy nutrition for your skin. For sensitive skin or with problems, and not only, the ingredients should be organic, for a safe absorption and no side-effects. Also, don’t worry about getting an oily skin look, because a reliable product will be absorbed into the skin, making it softer and smoother, rather than oily. 


In case you are interested in finding such a product, you should know that the Rania Hasna Awaken Facial Oil contains organic ingredients, being both safe and highly efficient. It contains organic grape seed oil, which is great for moisturising, it fights against aging effect, acne, and tightens skin. Rice bran oil is another ingredient, which is another great moisturiser, it helps the renewal of skin cells, is an efficient anti-oxidant, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and evens the skin’s complexion. The camellia oil, found in the product, besides the pleasant fragrance, is also an anti-oxidant, calms sensitive skin and nourishes it. The pomegranate oil, also in the composition, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it tightens and hydrates the skin, and it fights wrinkles. The organic Boswellia Carterii oil is another great moisturiser that prevents the formation of wrinkles. And finally, the vitamin E, a great anti-oxidant with repairing properties. 


So, as you can see, the Rania Hasna Awaken Facial Oil is a cocktail of organic compounds that are chosen to protect the skin of your face, keep it hydrated, encourages skin rejuvenation, keeps free-radicals away, and the signs of aging. Thus, the skin on your face will look fantastic even in humid weather. The tropical sun and humid weather have a damaging effect on your skin, by dehydrating it. So do not hesitate to have this oil around, regardless of weather.

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