I keep losing hair until I found this easy and effective remedy to hair loss!

I keep losing hair until I found this easy and effective remedy to hair loss!

As a mother of two, and having gone through hormonal changes in my body during my two pregnancies, I completely understand how it feels like to lose so much hair it freaks me out. Especially when my paternal family has genetic traits of balding, it scares me even more. 

So I did my research on the most natural hair loss treatment available in the market. And I found out that peppermint oil stimulates the hair follicle by increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply. Hair follicles and roots are able to grow at their full potential when there is a large supply of oxygen.

In addition to promoting hair growth, the stimulation can also aid with hair loss. Scalp massages with peppermint oil increase the oxygen supply carried by blood and strengthens hair roots. Blood also delivers nutrients that are essential to good hair health.

In my research, I also understand that chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) found in most shampoos may cause hair loss due to improper use. Hair loss can be the result of poor rinsing that leaves SLS deposits in your hair follicles. These deposits penetrate your scalp and corrode the hair follicle, causing hair loss.

Having a full stocked up cabinet of recently purchased shampoos (at a sale!), it would be quite a lot of money being thrown down the drain if I were to trash these shampoos. So I thought, why don't I add peppermint oil to my shampoos? And so I did. 

Monitoring the amount of hair loss in the next couple of weeks, it seems to have improved quite a bit; from a handful to a couple of strands a day. Pretty good isn't it? And of course, that triggered me to create my very own hair oil to add to the prevention of hair loss (since I am not a big fan of conditioner, this works like a hair moisturiser too!). After months of using this hair oil, I can truly say it has helped my condition!

Note: don't expect a miracle oil, you need to use it regularly to see its effect. :) 

Now that you hear my little tip for hair loss remedy, do care to share yours too! And remember to grab your own bottle of the Growth Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil available on our website! :) 

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